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Blogger Bash allows digital influencers to connect with lifestyle brands they know and love, as well as new brands that can change their lives for the better.

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Sweet Suite 2015 - NYC
Blogger Bash 2015 - NYC

What is Blogger Bash?

With events, parties, round table forums, speed dating sessions with brand representatives, and, of course, lots of swag to enjoy and review, Blogger Bash will give bloggers everything they need to establish new connections with leading manufacturers. Unlike traditional blogger conferences, Blogger Bash ditches conference rooms and convention centers and instead invites bloggers to mingle with brands in chic, exciting party environments. Featuring the Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite event, the hottest toy preview event of the year, Blogger Bash also hosts themed parties for baby, fashion, tech, and more!

Event Details

July 16 & 17
Pier Sixty, New York City

How do I get an invite to Blogger Bash?

Apply for an invite here!

Why is Blogger Bash for you?

Because you’re ready to meet with the brands that are part of your daily life, and we will connect you and encourage your relationships with these new partners while giving you the tools you need to grow your businesses. You have the basics down, you have an audience, and now, you are ready for something new and fresh in the independent career you’ve launched for yourself. Make new connections, grow your community, and strengthen your voice. These are waters you want to navigate—and we will make it easy.


Sweet Suite 2014 Video

The Big Toy Book’s biggest night of play, Sweet Suite 14, will move to NYC this year! Under the umbrella of the two-day Blogger Bash event, Sweet Suite will lead the way on July 17, 2014. Let’s get ready to play!

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  • Events & Parties 33%
  • Round Table Forums 33%
  • Big-Name Brands 33%
  • Fun, Friendship & Fabulous Swag! 100%

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