When and where?

Blogger Bash will be held July 12 & 13, 2017 at Pier Sixty (Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, 23rd Street and West Side Highway) with dynamic views of the Hudson River. Additional events may take place at other locations around New York City.

Why is Blogger Bash for you?

Blogger Bash is a conference designed for experienced digital influencers. Whether your influence is on your personal blog, YouTube channel, or social channels, we want to help grow your impact. If you’re looking to meet with some of the biggest brands as well as discover unique new products, join us! Blogger Bash will also feature some light learning experiences, and it’s a great place to grow your network. At Blogger Bash, you’ll make new connections, expand your community, and strengthen your voice.

How many people attend Blogger Bash?

Blogger Bash 2017 will welcome 250 digital influencers who meet our event criteria and guidelines.

What is included in my ticket?

Your Blogger Bash ticket includes entrance into official Blogger Bash events. Some of these events or learning experiences may have limited seating, or require an RSVP. To keep track of all Blogger Bash events, see the most current BBNYC 2017 agenda!

Are there discount or special tickets this year?

We will not offer any discounts or specials on tickets this year. We worked hard to cut our ticket price down to a modest $129 to avoid discounting efforts. VIP or special tickets will not be available this year, either. All attendees will have the same ticket status at the same price.

I don’t usually pay to go to events. Why should I pay to go to this one?

Blogger Bash is not just an event—it’s a whole series of events, experiences, and programming. We offer meals, cocktail hours with food and goodies, as well as snacks, water, coffee, soda, and swag. You can check out this blog post if you’re wary about the price!

What's the deal with the $100 gift cards?

A ticket to Blogger Bash 2017 costs $129. This ensures that people who buy a ticket really want to attend Blogger Bash and are committed to the event and the brands. However, those who pay the $129 and attend Blogger Bash will receive a personal check for $100 in return (we previously announced this would be a gift card, but we instead opted to give your money right back to you) which will be dispensed after 6 p.m. at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event. You will need to sign a waiver stating you received your check. This promotion expires after Sweet Suite, meaning if you leave Sweet Suite and forget to check out, we will not provide you with a check after the event concludes. So remember to attend and check out! If you do not attend Blogger Bash, you will not receive the $100 reimbursement. If you receive a sponsored ticket from another brand or promotional partner of Blogger Bash, you are not eligible for this.

Are you shipping Sweet Suite SWAG boxes again like last year?

Blogger Bash will provide free shipping in the continental U.S. and Canada for Sweet Suite swag boxes. Swag boxes may be delivered to other areas and countries, however, standard shipping rates will apply to the Blogger.

Bloggers are required to verify their shipping addresses in order to receive a Sweet Suite swag box. The table to verify your address will be at Sweet Suite after 6 p.m.! If you do not verify your address, you will not receive a Sweet Suite swag box.

Please note: Only one Sweet Suite swag box per household/per outlet will be provided.

Is there other swag besides the Sweet Suite box?

Additional swag and free products may be distributed at the event. The sponsoring brands reserve the right to distribute swag as they see fit.

While swag is exciting, we encourage all Blogger Bash attendees to focus on the face-to-face interactions with brands and other influencers over free product. If we feel you are violating any of the Blogger Bash guidelines or acting inappropriately or unprofessionally, we will kindly ask you to leave the event.

Can I bring the kiddos?

Absolutely no children without an official Blogger Bash ticket will be permitted to attend the conference. All children under 18 must be fully credentialed, approved, and in possession of a ticket before the beginning of the conference. This is a professional conference and we want to be respectful of other attendees.

Parents may baby-wear babies six months and under. Babies may not crawl or walk on their own. You will not be able to bring a stroller into the event space (though you are welcome to store your stroller in the coat check area and take baby for a walk or break outside).

Children 3 years and older, at the time of the application, will only be permitted entrance into the event if they serve as one of the main personalities on the channel or blog. All qualifying children must have one parent or legal guardian accompanying them at all times. There will only be two children maximum allowed per YouTube channel. A liability form will need to be completed for all children attending the event.

Can I bring my best friend? Husband? Assistant?

You may not bring a guest to Blogger Bash who is not a key contributor to your blog. Sponsors support the event (and keep our ticket costs low) because they are looking to connect with online digital influencers. This is a professional event and unfortunately we cannot allow guests to attend. Click here for the partner requirements if you think you would like to bring a contributor. If you have any questions, please contact the BBNYC team!

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

We do not allow transfers or requests to transfer tickets for any reason at any time. Ticket holders may request a full refund of the purchase price (less Eventbrite and/or Paypal fees) prior to April 1, 2017. After that, there will be no refunds on any tickets for any reason.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the event organizers.

How can I contact other Blogger Bash attendees?

If you have a Blogger Bash ticket, then join our 2017 Blogger Bash Attendees Facebook group! You can find the link in your weekly attendee newsletter.

I want to speak at Blogger Bash!

At this time, we are not currently accepting speaker inquiries, but we would love to hear what you think would be valuable topics! Email us to share your ideas!

I need special assistance at Blogger Bash.

Blogger Bash does require some walking between events. If you need assistance with a wheelchair, crutches, or a scooter, please email us at [email protected] at least two weeks prior to the event. If you inquire about assistance within two weeks, we may not be able to assist you and you will need to procure your own support. Access to all events will be wheelchair accessible. Please note the events are at different venues so please consider this in your needs.

At this time, we cannot accommodate special dietary requests. You are welcome to bring any meals or snacks with you. However, we will not be able to store food or beverages on your behalf.

Any other questions?

More questions? No problem! Send us an email at [email protected]!

Are you a brand?

We are happy to send information on our sponsorship options, including inclusion in our signature parties like Sweet Suite and Babypalooza, or help you host a dedicated event all your own.
Blogger Bash for your brand!