Where to Stay

While there are a plethora of wonderful hotels to stay at in NYC, we do not have an official conference hotel. So, you may stay where ever you prefer! If you have hotel points you want to use, a sponsored hotel, a hotel with a better rate, or a hotel that can sleep 6 of your blogging besties – it’s all good. However, we did partner with three hotels that are the closest to Pier Sixty (Chelsea Piers, 23rd Street and West Side Highway) in Manhattan. (See the respective hotels’ websites for full list of its amenities.)

YOTEL New York

Premium Queen Cabin
$159 to $199 + taxes/Night
  • Free Wifi, Check-in 3:00 p.m., Check-out 11:00 a.m.

  • Dates: Rates are $199 + tax on July 11 & July 12 and a special rate of $159 + tax for July 13.

  • Booking Deadline: 06/19/17

  • A stylish hotel with contemporary design in the heart of Midtown West, offering seamless service, a buzzing atmosphere and the largest outdoor hotel terrace in New York City, it is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city – offering automated airline-style check-in kiosks, a handy mobile concierge app to keep everything at your fingertips and YOBOT, a friendly luggage-storing robot. All with free super-fast WiFi throughout the hotel.
  • How to Book: Click here to book online, or call (877) 909-6835 and mention BloggerBash.
Call and use code BloggerBash

Dream Hotel (Downtown)

Bronze King
$285 + taxes/Night
  • Free Wifi, Check-in 3:00p.m., Check-out 12:00 p.m.
  • Dates: July 11 and July 12
  • Booking Deadline: 06/19/17
  • Fronted by an ocean liner-inspired stainless steel façade and riddled with porthole windows, the grand exterior of Dream Downtown hails its 1960s role as the National Maritime Union headquarters. Inside, it’s the stuff of reveries – a lobby that seems to buzz with energy as if alive on its own; a glass-bottomed swimming pool floating in the ceiling high above; pockets of guests and locals alike catching up over cocktails or being mesmerized by their gadgets. Loft-style guest rooms and suites, luxurious amenities, unique event spaces and a friendly (if slightly overeager-to-please) staff that knows the ins and outs of everything NYC. 
Click here and use code BLOGGER at checkout

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