The Blog-mandments of BBNYC

We love people, kids, pets, and alpacas, but sadly, we have to be the party poppers sometimes. So here are the 7 Blog-mandments to make sure Blogger Bash runs smoothly and are nothing but fun:

1. You can baby-wear children six months and under. If you need to breastfeed while being away from your baby, we will have a breastfeeding area where you can pump– but we do NOT have a storage area or space in the fridge, so be sure to bring your insulated bottle tote!

2. No wheeled items of any sort will be allowed on the floor (with the exception of handicap devices). We will have a place to store luggage or wheeled bags, strollers, and non-medical scooters. If you are bringing any handicap devices, please let us know so we can assist you and let the venue know of your needs in advance.

3. We love our wives, husbands, children, staff, and partners with all of our hearts, but unless they have their own byline, blog, vlog and/or social media accounts, they will not get a ticket. Brands sponsor the event so they can interact with online influencers, and other attendees come to the event so they can make business connections with fellow bloggers. Thus, we need to ensure that Blogger Bash attendees have an official online digital influencer presence. You can see the requirements here.

4. If you need a friend or partner to assist you medically during the event, we can provide you with a medical companion pass for the current ticket price. It will enable them to access Blogger Bash, but they will not be on blogger lists, be eligible for swag or other giveaways. Please reach out to the Blogger Bash Team for any Medical companion requests.

4. Many of you have a whole staff of rockstars working with you, and we’re happy to share the fun with all of you. However, we must limit swag and giveaway participation to one per outlet/household.

5. We think you are super-fly if you are a blogger and work for a PR/Advertising firm. We would love to take your word for it, but sadly, many people have reneged on their words in the past. If we know you are staffer for a PR firm, marketing team, or brand, then you’ll have to buy a Brand ticket to attend Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash.

6. You must wear your badge at the event at all times. If we notice you not wearing one, and you cannot provide proof of verification that you purchased a pass, you will be asked to leave.

7. While we tout the fact that Blogger Bash is about lots of fun, there are lot of networking opportunities and it is still a professional event. If we see you being rude to sponsors, brands, and/or fellow bloggers; dancing on table tops; vomiting in the toilet; stumbling drunk; destroying property; engaging in unprofessional behavior of any kind; or breaking any of the above rules, we will ask you to leave, you will be removed from all lists, will not receive swag, and your ticket costs will not be refunded. Yes, we are meanies, but we need to maintain a level of professionalism for the venue and everyone else.