Blogger Bash will allow more than one person per outlet attend BBNYC 2017, however, swag and giveaways are limited to one outlet only. Absolutely no non-editorial spouses, siblings, children, staff, contractors (such a photographers or videographers), or other guests will be admitted or permitted to purchase a ticket to Blogger Bash. All attendees must be active digital influencers or editorial contributors to print, broadcast, and digital press outlets.

In order to ensure that the sponsors are interacting with valid media representatives, all attendees must present at least two of the following assets (as well as meet the Blogger Bash Attendee Requirements) upon request:

  • Publication masthead or editorial page listing name, editorial title, and contact information.
  • Proof of regular contribution to the blog, vlog, social channels, or other editorial publication or social site.
  • Active social media handle(s) with content from the past year related to the outlet to be represented at Blogger Bash.
  • Quote or TV appearance within the past eight months from a third-party outlet indicating citing you as a staff editor, writer, reporter, or regular contributor to the outlet you plan to represent at Blogger Bash.
  • Host, co-host, or main contributor or personality to the outlet’s YouTube channel, with consistent video content uploaded in the last year.

Any misrepresentation of position will bar you, and any other individual from your household or outlet, from Blogger Bash 2017 and other future Toy Insider and Blogger Bash events.