Remember all of those bargains you made with Mother Nature during the cold winter months? Pleading that if she just made the temperature rise a little bit above freezing that you would do more community service or spend more time with your Mother-in-Law?
Well the warm weather is f i n a l l y here, but the fact is that those hot, hot New York City temps are just as much of a blessing as they are a curse. And if you’re going to beat the heat during BBNYC this July, you’re going to need to come prepared. Here are some tips on what to do, and what not to do, when you’re hot and kinda bothered. Thankfully, Pier Sixty has AC! #blessed

Stay hydrated
Water is your BFF during BBNYC, or any NYC excursions before and after. Bring a water bottle with you when you’re on-the-go, or use this as your one opportunity to splurge on one of those overpriced water bottles at Starbucks, because you know it’s not until you’re at a Starbucks that you realize you’re super thirsty for almost anything besides coffee (if it makes you feel better, I think they donate like 10 cents to charity). *We will have lots o’ water available for you during the various events at Blogger Bash, but I still recommend always having some on you.

Wear breathable clothing
Don’t wear clothes that you KNOW you’re going to be sweating in. Armpit sweat stains—not chic.


But use caution while wearing breathable clothing


And refrain from wearing no clothes—even if the temptation is there


Apply a layer of sunblock
At BBNYC you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors, but still wear sunblock. It’s 2015 people, you should get in the habit of always putting it on anyway. Don’t be this girl:


 Wear light makeup
Translucent powder is your friend and it’s also a good idea to go easy on the foundation during Blogger Bash. While some people do sweat more than others, you won’t want a little upper lip sweat to ruin your full face of makeup, and then you’re stuck wasting a ton of time reapplying in the bathroom. I’ve been there, and it sucks.

Keep your hair game strong with anti-humidity products like these:


When in doubt: Cab it
Hell on earth is a NYC subway platform in the middle of July. Avoid that whole situation by splurging on a cab, it WILL be worth it. But, if you’re just headed back to your hotel room to eat a bowl of ice cream and pass out (me after day 1), then take the subway. It’s the end of the day no more pressure to stay fresh and dry.


Keep deodorant handy


Don’t complain
It’s hot. We get it. We’re all living the same reality. Don’t talk about it. Just embrace it because IT COULD BE WORSE—it could be cold.