It’s no secret that technology impacts the lives of busy moms and hectic families everyday. To immerse you in the latest tech, the team at Living in Digital Times (LIDT) will bring the second annual Tech Central to Blogger Bash on July 17. This exhibition will showcase tech-enhanced products and solutions for busy families.

From fitness, to health tracking, to educational tools, the LIDT team will bring in top and emerging tech companies to show off how to bring connectivity, convenience, and efficiency into your lives.

LIDT creates events and conferences for some of the largest venues, including the the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  The company’s FamilyTech Summit, and Kids@Play Summit. 

“Many of us are too busy living our lives to recognize that technology can help,” says Robin Raskin, founder of LIDT. “By co-hosting Blogger Bash and bringing solutions to busy parents we can show, rather than tell. Brands and their consumers work best when they work together.”

Throughout Blogger Bash, MommyTech TV will bring all the fun of Tech Central to life for consumers at home with awesome video highlights. 

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