Stacey Heneveld HeadshotBy Stacey Heneveld, VTech Mom 

Hello! My name is Stacey Heneveld and I’m known as the VTech Mom. I’ll be at Sweet Suite later this week along with some other great VTech reps. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and showing you some of our newest products, including the VTech Kidizoom® Smartwatch and the latest InnoTab® learning tablets.

In my family, summer can all too often feel like it was here and gone before we even know it! That’s why we like to maximize our time together as a family during those summer days. Here are five summer activities the whole family can enjoy together without busting the summer budget!

1. Hiking—Pack some water bottles, sunscreen, and a snack and hit your local trails, park, or backyard. Create a journal of what you find—different animals, plants, tracks, etc. You can even encourage your child to bring along their VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch to snap pictures along the way, bringing home the memories while leaving nature in nature.

2. Pen Pals—Whether it’s pen and paper or email, pen pals are a lot of fun! Have your kids write letters to friends from school, cross-country cousins, or even grandma and grandpa down the street! They will get practice writing over the summer and will love receiving letters or emails back. Even your toddlers and preschoolers can get in on the pen pal action by sending drawings instead of letters.

3. Backyard Waterpark—Invite friends or neighbors over for a BYOWT (Bring Your Own Water Toys) Party and create the ultimate backyard water park. Sprinklers, kiddie pools, water cannons—this is some wet and wild fun for all ages!

4. Take in the Town—Check with your local zoos, museums, movie theaters, and more for free admission days throughout the summer. Mark them on your calendar so you’re sure not to miss them.

5. Family Book Club—Pick a classic story from your childhood or select a newly released children’s book and read it together as a family. If your kids are old enough to read on their own, schedule a Book Club Night where you can discuss what you’ve read that week. You can even assign each family member a certain week to bring the snacks!

There are so many great activities to do together as a family over the summer! Make a list and start making those summer memories today!

And when you’re at Sweet Suite, don’t forget to stop by VTech and say hi!