Layout 1We all do it when we’re online shopping: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to make sure the vacuum, dress, jewelry, or tech gadget has lived up to the expectations of other consumers. You look for the star rating, the flaws, the comparisons to similar products. Other consumers are some of the most reliable sources when it comes to making daily purchases. There have been tons of studies done on sources consumer use when making purchases—and many of the results see high responses in peer recommendations (i.e., those little reviews at the bottom of the Amazon page or word-of-mouth recommendations).

That’s why you, as professional bloggers, make fabulous brand ambassadors for all companies, from the biggest to the smallest. As a trusted source to your following, your positive review can go a long way in helping a company spread the word about great new products. Here are just some of the ways that bloggers can benefit a company as its brand ambassador:

1. You’re a professional consumer.
Blogging is your business. Your reputation relies on being an honest writer, so that your followers know that you are credible and trustworthy. Instead of any troll on a website, you have a designated, professional website for people to go to for the best recommendations of products. Much like your followers, you are a consumer—you just make a business out of it!

2. Your audience is loyal.
The demographic you reach is probably very similar to you as a person. If you’re a fashion blogger writing about buying expensive clothes on a budget, your readers are probably also frugal fashionistas. If you’re a mom blogging about the best kids’ products, and maybe using your own little ones for testing sessions, your readers are probably parents looking for advice before hitting the toy aisles. Your blog becomes a resource for them that they can go to every time they are looking for a gift, a deal, or a new recipe, so why wouldn’t brands want you to be writing about them? You are their direct connection to consumers—no corporate or customer service barriers, just plain ol’ consumer-to-consumer advice.

3. User-generated content is authentic.
Your blog has a voice. The great thing about having a blog is that you choose what you want to write about. Your blog has a passion behind it—these are the things you really care about. Instead of writing corporate product descriptions that people may find on company or retailer websites, you have a story to tell about how this product fit into your life. This creates an authentic, real voice that marketing and advertising companies are searching for when creating campaigns. This voice is trusted, reliable, and all your own.

So whether you’re in a long meet-and-greet at a brand’s party with one of their representatives or meeting quickly during a speed dating session, make sure that you don’t sell yourself short. Your self-made business can help theirs—and vice versa. Networking is a two way street and you, as bloggers, have a lot to offer!